Why Australia’s Gold Coast is Considered to be the Perfect Surfing Location


Do you love sun, surf and sand? In that case Gold Coast in Australia is the best place for you, as it will offer you all these three things in abundance. In Gold Coast, surfing is not considered as just another sport, rather it is thought of a main activity. Of course various other attractions apart from surfing are abundant here as well, such as the subtropical climate with sun shining throughout all of the year, miles of beaches, friendly and social local people, beautiful theme parks, interesting nightlife and delicious food. This surfers paradise can be reached quite easily as there are a number of flights to the Gold Coast from various places of the world.

Gold Coast Australia

A lot of beaches for surfing

Gold Coast is full of some of the best beaches of the world, which you are free to explore and enjoy at your leisure. Thus, it has become the ideal place for surfing. Because of this, a number of tourists surfing frequently come here.

The beaches especially attract those that can’t live without water sports, and that is because beaches offer high tides and an extended coastline compared to most. Some of the popular beaches are Snapper rocks, Duranbah, The Spit, The Other Side, Palm Beach, Burleigh Heads and the Surfer’s Paradise. All of these beaches are sure to captivate you with their crystal clear waters along with long sandy seashore.

Friendly local population

You do not need a separate map or a guide to show you the surfing spots. The reason is the friendly local inhabitants that go out of their way to help tourists. If you are travelling to the Gold Coast for the very first time, just don’t worry as the local community will eagerly guide you to your desired location. You can also drive along the coast and stubmle upon the surfing location of your dreams.

First hand information

To help tourists like you, there are lots of cameras installed along the coastline that are about 100 meters away from the ocean. Every day during broad daylight, various images of the seaside are collected and uploaded on the site. This will help you know which beaches aren’t crowded and where you can enjoy the best weather. In addition to that, you can get all the essential information about the surfing activity from the website from the tourist brochure.

Learn surfing easily

Gold Coast Australia Surfing

If you think that only the professional surfers enjoy vacationing at Gold Coast, then think again. Even if you are an amateur surfer, you will find not just the services of a qualified instructor who will help you learn the required surfing skills, but also many other people at your skill level who you can exchange experiences with. An experienced instructor would also make you learn a few tricks and techniques that will hone your talent. If employing an individual instructor is not your thing, you will find a number of surfing institutions as well as schools here that provide good training programs to the beginners.

Excellent lifesaving service while surfing

There is another reason that has made Gold Coast the best surfing location in the world. It has the biggest surf lifesaving service in Australia. There are also shark control measures to ensure that both the tourists and the locals are completely safe from shark attacks during their activities. Moreover, many lifeguards patrol the coast so that any kind of costly mistake is easily avoided.

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