What to Wear for a Short Hike with Your Children

hike with children

If you’re not a frequent hiker there’s no need to go all out regarding the attire you wear when going for a short hike with the kids, though emphasis should be placed on comfort and safety, for you and your little ones. In fact, attire plays a very important role when hiking and could prove to be the difference between a wonderful excursion and one decidedly the opposite.


Kids are forever growing and that’s a reason not to bother buying specialist hiking footwear unless hiking is an activity you do frequently and that also goes for yourself, though as you’ve ceased growing vertically, not to the same extent.

You and your children do, however, require a sturdy pair of footwear and not only for comfort’s sake, but also to mitigate the likelihood of accidents and injuries. The most common accidents and injuries you and your children can suffer from when hiking are slips and trips, sprained ankles and grazed knees, though by wearing sturdy shoes with a rugged sole the likelihood of accidents and injuries occurring is greatly reduced.

Trousers and shorts

Depending on the weather, you’ll either be wearing trousers or shorts and this goes for both males and females – dresses and skirts are rather unpractical as hiking attire. Pay attention to the trousers and shorts your children wear and if at all possible ensure that they have a belt to prevent their pants from slipping, thus forcing them to hold them up with one hand or posing a safety threat when they slip down and get caught underfoot.

Whilst hiking pants with lots of pockets look the part, they often become very uncomfortable when you start making ‘good use’ of those pockets. Don’t make the mistake of packing your pockets full of ‘stuff’, if you’re going to carry ‘stuff’ around bring a backpack, plus bringing a backpack along enables you to bring jackets for yourself and the kids, and of course hiking supplies like water and energy laden snacks.

Shirts and jackets

You might be hiking in weather that doesn’t require you to pack a jacket, though if that’s the case there’s a good chance the weather will be quite warm so make sure you pack light long-sleeved shirts from Be Smart Clothing Limited to keep the sun off your arms. Sunburn can turn a pleasant day out into a horrible nightmare, so in addition to sunscreen make sure everyone has a light long-sleeved shirt, plus you never know when the weather will turn or how cool and windy it will be at the top.

Further considerations

In addition to what’s been discussed so far, there are a few additional considerations to take note of when planning a hike with the kids.

Cotton, although wonderfully light and cool, has a tendency to soak up moisture so when you sweat you’re going to stay damp for longer than if you were wearing clothing made of other materials. Avoiding cotton clothing helps you and the kids to keep comfortable and could also help everyone to avoid catching a cold when the weather turns bitter.

It’s possible to avoid blisters by selecting the right socks and by packing a spare pair for everyone. Some people advocate wearing two pairs of socks, a light pair inside a heavier pair, though others find this too much. However, packing a spare pair of socks to change into halfway through the hike can help to avoid the onset of blisters which can ruin an otherwise perfect hiking excursion.

Happy trails to you and your kids and enjoy the journey as much as the destination!

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