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If you know me at all I love to travel, see new places and experience new cultures. Some of my friends think I never sit still and that is probably true. Sometimes I forget I live in a pretty awesome place, Utah. You may say Utah? Really? What is in Utah? A smelly lake? Green Jell-O? Well yes the Great Salt Lake is pretty smelly and we do consume copious amounts green Jell-O but there are some awesome places you need to see when you visit Utah.

Antelope Island-

biking antelope island

When I was a boy scout my troop went to Antelope Island to go mountain biking. Okay well you hardcore mountain bikers out there will say it wasn’t really mountain biking but it was awesome. For under 5 dollars you can bike around the island all day. Imagine riding near a heard of over 500 free range bison and other wild animals. Sounds pretty awesome to me! I wouldn’t get too close tho because well first off they are a lot bigger than you and will squash you like the bugs if you annoy them and second it is illegal to get closer than 30 feet.

Zion National Park-

Michael Sproul hiking West Rim Okay I will admit I am super biased when it comes to Zion National Park. Zion was pretty much my backyard growing up in St. George and it is probably one of my favorite places on earth. There is almost an endless supply of hikes for all skill levels. For beginner hikers try Weeping Rock or the Zion Narrows River Walk. If you are a decent hiker try Angles Landing or the West Rim. For those of you who love canyoneering Pine Creek is a must (5-7 rappels depending on water levels with a 100 foot free rappel at the end).

Arches National Park-

michael sproul and matt rogers hiking in Arches National Park With over 2,000 natural stone Arches, soaring pinnacles, and giant balanced rocks Arches National Park will have you awestruck at all times. If you can spend the night in the park and then get up early you should hike to Delicate Arch at night.  You will be amazed at the amount of stars you can see and then watch the sunrise come up over the horizon.

Lake Powell-

lake-powell With over 2,000 mile of shoreline Lake Powell just makes me happy. I don’t know maybe it was spending a week each summer month during high school on my friend’s houseboat. We would spend the days wakeboarding, water skiing, and cliff jumping. Who wouldn’t love that? I didn’t have a care in the world. Don’t worry if you don’t have a houseboat you can camp on the shore and then hit the water first thing in the morning. Oh and don’t worry about Lake Powell water being cold during the summer. It is like taking a warm bath.

Goblin Valley-

Michael Sproul at Goblin Valley Do you wonder what it would like to be on the surface of Mars? Come to Goblin Valley and you will get a taste of what it looks like. Tons of movies have been filmed in Goblin Valley pretending to be on the surface of Mars so others think it looks like that too. I am not crazy!


This list of things to do in Utah is just the tip of the iceberg; I could go on and on. Don’t miss out on another year of some of the best outdoor activities and make Utah a stop on your summer adventure.

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