Traveling to Tahiti and French Polynesia


Take a moment and imagine the most amazing white sand beaches, turquoise water, great food, and amazing scenery and you have Tahiti. Tahiti is located in French Polynesia, about an 8 hour flight from the west coast of the United States. Many couples come from all over the world for their honeymoon and vow to come back as often as they can. Here is some basic info to make your trip to Tahiti as great as possible.

plane ticket and passport Tahiti Entry Requirements

Everyone is required to have a valid passport. You don’t need a visa to visit Tahiti if you are a United States or Canadian citizen; however if you are citizen of another country you will want to check what the requirements are.


Tahitian and French are the main languages spoken throughout French Polynesia however English is spoken at most hotels, shops, and restaurants.

Tahiti Weather

Tahiti has ward tropical weather year around. From November through May the climate is warm and humid with high temperatures in the mid 80’s F. June through October the climate is cooler and drier with average high temperatures in the low 80’s. The year around lows 70’s.

bora bora Visiting the Different Islands of Tahiti

The easiest way to get around most of French Polynesia is to fly using Air Tahiti. However there are a few islands you can reach by ferry such as Moorea (30 minutes one way).



You can use your credit card or exchange cash into the Pacific French Franc (CFP). The exchange rate varies from 75-100 CFP to $1 USD. There are some larger hotels that will accept USD but they usually have lower exchange rate. Just a note: Food in Tahiti is quite expensive; you may end up paying 30 dollars for a hamburger so make sure you plan your budget accordingly. You may want to pick up a book from Lonely Planet to find different places in your budget for food and lodging.

Spending time on the Island of Tahiti

Some people spend every moment exploring Tahiti and some people never leave their beach chair. You really can do as much or as little as you want while you are in paradise.

You can get around the island using a taxi, use Le Truck which is an inexpensive reliable bus service, or rent a car.

over water bungalow Tahiti After you fly into Papeete you can either stay in one of the many hotels near the capital city or further out on the main island. If you can afford it staying in an overwater bungalow is an amazing experience. There are a few hotels that offer the bungalows throughout French Polynesia like the Le Méridien Tahiti. Some of the bungalows have an area with a piece of glass in the floor so you can watch the water and fish below. Most bungalows also allow you can also walk down a few stairs straight into the water.

If you are feeling like leaving your beach chair here are some great ideas to make your trip amazing.

scuba-diving-moorea Scuba Diving– There are lots of sites in Tahiti ranging from ship wrecks to swimming with sharks.

Mountain Safari– Once you get out of the city the Island of Tahiti has great places to go 4 wheeling and explore waterfalls and other amazing views while you are at it.

Golfing– Of course paradise would have golfing. Tee off at the International Golf Course of Atimaono.

Surfing– Regardless if you are an experienced surfer or have never done it before Tahiti has great places to surf.

tahiti 4wd-Jeep-Safari Horseback Riding– Nothing is more romantic than a horseback ride on the beach.

Kayak in the Lagoon– Rent a sea kayak and enjoy one of the best beaches and areas of Tahiti.

There really are a ton of other things to do in Tahiti that I could go on and on BUT there is a great list that was created by the Le Meridien Tahiti. Check it out here.

I promise you your trip to Tahiti will be one of the best trips you ever take in your life.  Save up it is worth it.

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  1. Mine too. One day! I really want to stay in a bungalows over the water. That would be awesome!

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