Top Places Your Kids Will Love in Ireland


Apart from the usual relaxation you get at home away from the work place, you should give travelling a try. This mainly involves going far away from home and getting to experience other cultures and nature different from the environment you are used to. This can be done not only by a couple but also by the whole family. It will provide better exposure to the world and open up the kid’s imagination and creativity. One place which will be able to accommodate the whole family and provide wonderful time is Ireland. People have not fully explored this part of the world yet, it harbors a number of wonderful places to visit as a family.

Killarney National Park

ross-castle-killarney-national-park_30940_600x450 Killarney national park is a place which you cannot fail to visit with the family when in Ireland. It has outstanding beauty not forgetting the Ross castle which is a unique feature enticing both to the adults and kids. There are great walking and cycling trails in this place. Notably, from the Ross castle, you can hire a boat to take you around while you enjoy the view which is a wonderful experience. Therefore, this is a place where you cannot fail to visit when out with the entire family.

Cliff of Moher

Top Places Your Kids Will Love in Ireland3 Cliff of Moher is another great destination. This location happens to have a wonderful view of the ocean but before going for the actual watch, it would be wise to visit the Atlantic edge exhibit. It is located within the area and it ideally educates you on the history of the cliffs and how the eggs used to be collected from the cliff. The place is a wonderful destination for the whole family and the kids will definitely love it.

The Phoenix Park

Top Places Your Kids Will Love in Ireland2 The phoenix park is yet another place where you must set foot into with your family. This place has been tailored to cater for the whole family in the best way possible. You are offered the chance of seeing wildlife including deer at a close range which has always been a thrill for the children. In addition to this, there is also the Dublin zoo which never ceases to amaze kids not forgetting the beautiful flower gardens and playgrounds for your kids to have a good time.

Fota Wildlife Park

Top Places Your Kids Will Love in Ireland4

Another park which adds onto the list is the Fota wildlife park. The unique thing about this place is that the animals get to roam free and occasionally interact with the visitors. You should however not be worried as they are the friendly kind like the lemurs and monkeys and not the fierce type like the lions. There are also llamas and kangaroos which will definitely get the kids attention. Therefore, this is one place where you are offered the chance of interacting with animals without limit and the experience is priceless.

Conclusively if you intend to get to this place and enjoy all what it has to offer, you should definitely get the Dublin airport contact details and make your booking or enquiry. I am Aleena Lois and I am a writer who writes about travel and technology. Apart from writing articles, I like to explore anything new.

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