Top 5 Popular National Parks in India


In terms of landscape, India can get far more stunning than the limit of your finest of imagination has ever crossed. Boasting of a charming wildlife zone, it attracts wildlife aficionados and nature lovers from all over the world just make sure to have your camera. There are many national parks and wildlife preserves in India maintained very well and known for their dynamic flora, fauna, wildlife tourism and lot more. Let’s check out the few of them –

Jim Corbett National Park – One of the most holidayed upon wildlife destinations of the country, it is situated in the mountainous state of Uttarakhand. Established in 1936 by the legendary Jim Corbett, this wildlife park is famous for tiger spotting and other wildlife species, along with offering excellent accommodation facilities, this is one of the must visit national parks.

Kaziranga National Park – It is a famed wildlife park of India, located in Assam. Also a UNESCO World Heritage Natural Site for offering incredible view of one-horned rhinos and elephants. It is also home to further different wild animals and numerous sorts of vegetation and birds. Safari on top of an elephant is worth an experience to look out for.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary – Located in Kerala, it is amongst the most famous wildlife parks of India. Flocks of Indian elephants can be seen doing their usual chores near the Periyar Lake and can be enjoyed upon. It is also known for tigers and few other wildlife lures. Tourists can also enjoy the incredibly rich flora and fauna of the park by taking a boat cruise over the picturesque Periyar Lake.

Sariska Tiger Reserve – It is located in home state of deserted vistas, Rajasthan India. It is a well-known wildlife destination famous for its tigers and other different species of wild animals. The park flaunts a variety of seasonal flora and fauna that lures even the most enthusiastic explorers’ at least once.

Gir Lion Sanctuary – Situated in the state of Gujarat, it is home to a large population of breeds of Asiatic lions. It is also known to have for around 300 tigers in its vicinity and the only national park that houses the lions in their true habitat.

Kanha National Park – Surrounded by the imposing Vindhya range of mountains, located on the foothills of Vindhya range, is Kanha National Park, in Madhya Pradesh. It is a very popular wildlife park of India famous for encompassing most diverse wildlife population of Indian from highest numbers of tigers in India to other wildlife attractions with reptiles, birds, mammals and vegetation of all sorts.

Bandhavgarh National Park – Again we have a winner from the state of Madhya Pradesh, as a national park, it is probably the most famous and a magnificent wildlife destination of India you will have a time of your life in exploring. The park offers spectacular variety of its rich flora and fauna, vegetation besides housing huge numbers of tigers also while being on the highest probability chart of a tiger spotting.

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