Three Useful Travel Tips for Poker Players


Tips from pro poker players who travel the world for tournaments

Playing poker professionally means traveling to different countries for major tournaments. While the experience of traveling for poker is great, fledgling players may find going to new places daunting. After all, flying to a different country to participate in a poker league is quite different from visiting a country for pure pleasure. So, to those who are planning to go and travel for a scheduled poker tournament, here are three, useful tips that you can consider in order to make traveling easier and hassle-free.
Wire any money over $10,000 USD
Going to poker tournaments mean bringing in loads of cash for the buy-in chips. However, in many countries, bringing in more than $10,000 can get a person detained by customs. In order to escape being questioned for bringing a large haul of money, pro poker players advise that people wire their money to the casino where the tournament is going to be held instead. Doing this not only saves a lot of time but it’s also the most secure way of transferring money from one place to another.
Exchange currency at your destination, not at airports
Traveling to other countries for tournaments mean exchanging currencies often. Pro poker players suggest not to have the money exchanged at airports since their rates are usually very low. Instead, make the exchange in casino establishments since they usually have the best rates for currency exchanges. Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and Melbourne’s Crown Casino are some of the best poker tournament grounds that offer the best value for the exchange rate. Remember, unless it’s an emergency, never make an exchange at airports since they have the worst rates for foreign currencies.
Stay an extra day to feel the surroundings
Apart from the intensity that poker players face during the tournament day itself, the new terrain, casino ambiance, and culture can get in the way of concentration. In addition, not knowing who you’re going up against with can increase the pressure of playing. So, in order to counter these, pro poker players suggest that people arrive at the casino earlier than the tournament day itself to make the necessary adjustments and research. partypoker ambassador Kara Scott suggests players give themselves at least a day to rest before the tournament starts. She asserts that the extra rest day to boost focus and attention could mean the difference of winning the poker tournament or busting out early. In addition, Kara says that some major poker tournaments have something in-store for their players, so take advantage of that. Oftentimes, there will be excursions set up to make the players feel relaxed like deep sea fishing, zip lining, or indoor skydiving . Take advantage of all the relaxing activities and make sure to follow her advice most especially about the resting part.

Remember, never go to poker tournaments unprepared and always remember these three, vital tips every time you travel to play.

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