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The Tahitian Islands are often regarded to as paradise. Every year honeymooners and families alike flock to these islands. Many people ask where is Tahiti? The Islands of Tahiti are located in the South Pacific about 8 hours by plane from Los Angeles. There are five main island groups, the most famous being Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora.
Bora Bora is widely regarded as the most beautiful island in Tahiti and to many the most beautiful island in the world. The flight is less than one hour from Tahiti making it very easy to get to. As you arrive you will be able to see Mount Otemanu towering into the sky with tropical vegetation below leading to amazing white sandy beaches. Once you reach the ground Bora Bora offers so much to do you might not know where to start so we came up with our top things to do in Bora Bora.

Snorkel the Lagoon

Bora-Bora-Lagoon-ResortWith the crystal clear shallow water some people never leave the Lagoon. The Lagoon has coral like nowhere else in the world and schools of a wide variety of tropical fish it is a snorkelers dream. You can bring your own snorkel equipment and go right off the beach, rent equipment at a local shop, or go out on a tour where they will take you to different areas and show you some amazing fish. If you don’t feel comfortable with snorkeling you can try going on a glass bottom boat which will let you see down into the water below.

Mount Otemanu

Bora_Bora_-_Mt_Otemanu Towering over 2,400 feet above the island below Mount Otemanu is one spot you will not want to miss. You can’t hike all the way to the top because of the brittle volcanic rock you can hike up to the base. The hike is through the jungle so you will want to have a guide or take a 4X4 trek.

Dive Tupitipiti Point

tupitipiti-pointOne of the most famous dive sites in Bora Bora is Tupitipti Point. The site is known for its purple coral and steep drop off. Divers can often see sharks, sting rays, groupers, and parrotfish.


4X4 Adventures

4x4-bora-bora- Bora Bora isn’t a large island but there are is a large amount of forest roads that wind above the lagoon which provide for an awesome 4X4 adventure, many tour groups will also take you to visit large U.S. Naval guns left behind in 1945.


bora bora sailing If you are looking for something romantic, Bora Bora’s Lagoon can provide you a once in a lifetime experience. You can either rent your own or hop on a sunset cruise and spend time with your loved one rekindling your romance.



You can spend all your time running around having an adventure filled time in Bora Bora, or you can sit on the beach and relax, whatever you decide Bora Bora is the perfect vacation.

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