Delicate Arch Arches National Park

One of my favorite things to do when I have friends come from out of town is to take them to places that make Utah amazing. I always start off by taking them to visit one of Utah’s 5 National Parks all within  around 4 hours from Salt Lake. I love taking people to Arches because there is something magical about an arch especially Delicate Arch. The arch skyrockets over 80 feet in the air out of the ground. This hike is easy and almost anyone can and…


The West Rim Trail in Zion National Park is one of the prettiest hikes in the park with breathtaking views at every corner. At 15 miles one way it is one of longest hikes in the park but well worth it. Many people choose to do the top down route which finishes at Angels Landing. For a complete breakdown of the hike click here, otherwise enjoy some of our favorite pictures from this weekend.


If you know me at all I love to travel, see new places and experience new cultures. Some of my friends think I never sit still and that is probably true. Sometimes I forget I live in a pretty awesome place, Utah. You may say Utah? Really? What is in Utah? A smelly lake? Green Jell-O? Well yes the Great Salt Lake is pretty smelly and we do consume copious amounts green Jell-O but there are some awesome places you need to see when you visit Utah.

Mount Timpanogos Hike

I went to college in Provo, Utah and each morning as I walked to school I saw Mount Timpanogos towering majestically in the distance. I always wanted to conquer her but the thought of climbing up 4,500 feet in 15 miles seemed too daunting and too much work for me. I heard about the amazing views and sense of accomplishment after hiking to the summit but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it; let alone get others to join me.