The Y has been a tradition for alumni, students, and families in Utah County. The trail itself isn’t very hard or long but it is full of switch backs to get you up the mountain. There are around 10 turns and at each turn it tells you how far until the next turn. Because it is steep there is plenty of places to stop and rest. As you ascend the mountain the view of Utah Valley get better and better. I think the Y is perfect for training…


Growing up in St. George, Utah I was only a short drive from Zion National Park. I spent many summer weekends during summer break hiking all over the main trails. As I have grown up I have left the crowded trails for some of the more dramatic less seen parts of Zion National Park.  Regardless if you spend your time hiking in Zion or canyoneering I have found that as I follow these simple tips I have been safe on my adventures.


Many people wonder why I stay in Utah. Well one of the main reasons is that I love the outdoors and well Utah has EVERYTHING!


The West Rim Trail in Zion National Park is one of the prettiest hikes in the park with breathtaking views at every corner. At 15 miles one way it is one of longest hikes in the park but well worth it. Many people choose to do the top down route which finishes at Angels Landing. For a complete breakdown of the hike click here, otherwise enjoy some of our favorite pictures from this weekend.


If you know me at all I love to travel, see new places and experience new cultures. Some of my friends think I never sit still and that is probably true. Sometimes I forget I live in a pretty awesome place, Utah. You may say Utah? Really? What is in Utah? A smelly lake? Green Jell-O? Well yes the Great Salt Lake is pretty smelly and we do consume copious amounts green Jell-O but there are some awesome places you need to see when you visit Utah.