If you are anything like me, you love to travel and have new experiences learning about other places. However, I like to research all the great things I can do in a place before I visit so I maximize my time there. One place I have visited in the past that I absolutely loved was Boston. I visited there when I was living in the East Coast. This is a great town, with great heritage.


If you know me at all I love to travel, see new places and experience new cultures. Some of my friends think I never sit still and that is probably true. Sometimes I forget I live in a pretty awesome place, Utah. You may say Utah? Really? What is in Utah? A smelly lake? Green Jell-O? Well yes the Great Salt Lake is pretty smelly and we do consume copious amounts green Jell-O but there are some awesome places you need to see when you visit Utah.


Hawaii has been one of my favorite all time places to visit for many reasons the first is the wonderful weather year around, the beaches, the people, and the food. Waikiki Beach– Probably the most popular tourist beach in Oahu Waikiki is packed almost all times of the year. The warm water and calm waves make it the perfect place for your family trip to the beach. You can enjoy reading a book, play volleyball, or watch your kids snorkel and swim all day. When you need a…


In honor of Valentine’s day we came up with our 5 top romantic vacations throughout the world.


One of the most common questions after booking a trip to New York City is how to get around the city. Most people go for taking mass transit. The New York City Subway system is great for getting where you need to go pretty quickly but how do you get into Manhattan? Here are some of the options.