Whether you are looking for beautiful weather, or simply a way to get away from it all, Tahiti is the place to go. Located in the South Pacific, Tahiti is family to 118 islands and over 120,000 natives call this island their home. As a vacation destination, Tahiti plays host to over 200,000 guests every year, opening their hearts and their hospitality to them. Here is what an average week in Tahiti might look like.


A couple weeks ago I headed down to Miami for spring break with my roommate. We spent a few days in the city before heading on our cruise to Jamaica and Grand Cayman. The wonderful 80 plus degree weather was a welcome relief from our bitter cold Utah winter this year.


Jamaica is full of Uuique culture, beautiful scenery and tropical seaside making it the perfect vacation for anyone.¬†Jamaica’s¬†weather is almost perfect year around with mild temperatures especially when you can spend all your time at the beach.