Norway is the capital of skiing! I know what everyone is thinking, “What Norway, Skiing?” Yes skiing is rife in Norway and Scandinavia in general. It is their number one sport. They love it, in all its forms. They just don’t like the fancy alpine downhill with its stylish carving. They also adore the slower paced more methodical form of cross country. A form of skiing, that everywhere else is seen as dull and cowardly. Norway loves skiing, but it doesn’t get the credit it deserves.  So here…


Hiking and camping have been popular pastimes for many people in the Western United States for quite some time. There are lots of parks to explore with some being so large that they even need their own rangers to help manage them.


Are you going for a visit or a vacation to Norway? There’s a lot to see and do. Norway is one of the most gorgeous countries in Europe. Take your camera with you as you see the most beautiful sites.


Being the number one coffee drinking countries, Norwegians are certainly populated by people who like to be up and running during their day; even though there are extremely cold months there are wonderful outdoor activities to partake in during the cold season and of course summer.


If you are planning a trip to Tahiti its best to plan ahead or you might just find yourself lounging on the beach all day. And who could blame you in such a tropical paradise. With the splendid whether, and gorgeous view of the South Pacific ocean and tropical beaches, one just might find themselves just spending all their time relaxing their time away.