There are tons of time lapse videos out there of big cities like Washington DC or New York but this one is really cool. Check it out.


In my travels I frequently visit New York City as a tourist. I love it. I love the food, the culture, and most of all the amazing amount of activities. Every time I go I find new things to do. I found this interesting infographic on how much prices have increased over the past decade or so.


In honor of Valentine’s day we came up with our 5 top romantic vacations throughout the world.


One of the most common questions after booking a trip to New York City is how to get around the city. Most people go for taking mass transit. The New York City Subway system is great for getting where you need to go pretty quickly but how do you get into Manhattan? Here are some of the options.


Visiting the Big Apple every year has become a wonderful tradition in my life and a lot of people ask why I keep going back. I tell them that there is so much to see and do that you can’t possibly do it all in a week or even two weeks; however there are some must see things that everyone must do when visiting New York City on their first trip; however I came up with these Top Things to do in New York City.