With springtime in the air many of my friends want to get out of the cold air of Utah. They ask me for ideas and I always ask if they have ever been on a cruise. Cruises are great! What more could you want than a trip that includes food and a place to stay with tons of free entertainment all for a great price. Cruising gives you a great way to see many different areas which you may want to return to for an extended time.

playa del carmen

I have to say one of my favorite trips I have been on is when I went to Playa Del Carmen and Cancun. You may say Playa Del Carmen really? I actually liked it more than Cancun. The relaxed atmosphere beat the chaotic few days we spent in Cancun.


Take a moment and imagine the most amazing white sand beaches, turquoise water, great food, and amazing scenery and you have Tahiti. Tahiti is located in French Polynesia, about an 8 hour flight from the west coast of the United States. Many couples come from all over the world for their honeymoon and vow to come back as often as they can. Here is some basic info to make your trip to Tahiti as great as possible.


Hawaii has been one of my favorite all time places to visit for many reasons the first is the wonderful weather year around, the beaches, the people, and the food. Waikiki Beach– Probably the most popular tourist beach in Oahu Waikiki is packed almost all times of the year. The warm water and calm waves make it the perfect place for your family trip to the beach. You can enjoy reading a book, play volleyball, or watch your kids snorkel and swim all day. When you need a…