If you consider yourself an outdoor lover you need to visit Moab, Utah. Today I found this sweet video showing some of Utah’s beautiful landscapes in Southern Utah. Check out this video from James Cawley.


It was when I found myself standing on the very crowded beach of Phi Phi Island, Thailand, trying to fight the masses to snap one simple picture of the natural wonder found there, that I realized there had to be other incredible places in the world to visit that aren’t swarming with tour buses filling the area with their contents. With the influx of accessible information made possible through the internet, more and more people are learning about the quiet corners of the world and are flooding them…


Growing up in Utah I have spent countless days exploring these wonderful National Parks. Check out this great video showcasing some of my favorite places on earth!


When I was in Boy Scouts my troop went up to Jackson Hole to go white water rafting. It was one of my favorite experiences of my childhood. I know these aren’t the biggest rapids but for a 12 year old they seemed pretty awesome and even now I still love them. Typically if you go with a guide (which I recommend unless you know what you are doing) you have two options one with white water and the other is a scenic float.


Jamaica is full of Uuique culture, beautiful scenery and tropical seaside making it the perfect vacation for anyone. Jamaica’s weather is almost perfect year around with mild temperatures especially when you can spend all your time at the beach.