Spending a Week in Paradise


Whether you are looking for beautiful weather, or simply a way to get away from it all, Tahiti is the place to go. Located in the South Pacific, Tahiti is family to 118 islands and over 120,000 natives call this island their home. As a vacation destination, Tahiti plays host to over 200,000 guests every year, opening their hearts and their hospitality to them. Here is what an average week in Tahiti might look like.

Over water Bungalo If you have never spent time on an island, an Overwater bungalow is an experience that you should not miss. With the relaxing sounds of water everywhere, you might be tempted to take a nap as soon as you check in, but not before you get your feet wet in the beautiful turquoise water. About an hour later, after a relaxing snorkeling experience, you are already thinking about the week ahead of you.

plane wreck tahiti If the slow pace of tropical fish is not enough for you, try snorkeling at a plane wreck, where there is a lot more to see. Most people tend to associate horseback riding with winding trails on a ranch, where there are no sounds other than the birds and the rustling wind, but there is nothing to match riding on the beach and even in the water, with or without a saddle.

With all that water around you, it is only natural that you would be drawn to some of the many available water sports. Put aside a little time for some barefoot skiing, or stick to the traditional methods. Relax in a canoe or kayak and check out some of the lagoons on the north side of Moorea, or be a little adventurous and learn how to kite surf.

tahiti-hiking Tahiti is not just about turquoise waters and water sports, in fact adventure seekers can also have a good time on land. There is much to explore inland and a full or half day safari tour is the ideal way to get that accomplished. How else would you get a closer look at the volcanic crater that has been credited for the formation of the island? If you prefer to hike, there are excellent guided tours to help you with that too.

As your week winds down, make sure to spend some of your remaining hours checking out a few of the museums that give you a little history about these beautiful islands. If you have any time left, you should not miss a chance at a popular Monoi-Oil Massage, so when you board the plane to return to the place you call home, your friends will be able to tell that you had a great time.

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