Smart Ways to Save Money on Ski Equipment

Smart Ways to Save Money Skiing

Skiing and snowboarding are some of the most exciting travel activities that winter has to offer. But by the time you add up ski clothes, equipment purchases or rentals, lift tickets, food and sometimes lodging, too, hitting the slopes can become a pretty pricy hobby. Fortunately, there are a number of savvy ways to find savings while still having a blast swooshing your skis or carving your board through fresh powder.

1. Discover New Slopes

Many skiers go straight to the big mountain. But very often, these are the most expensive when it comes to lift tickets. One strategy for avoiding this is to find cheaper lift tickets at nearby resorts which are smaller but may still have a lot to offer. Most large mountains will have a few surrounding ski resorts that are small but offer discounted rates, from 30 to 50 percent less compared to the more famous large resorts. And the change of scenery can offer some fun new trails to discover. research online reviews to find the best alternatives.

But saving money does not mean completely foregoing the best slopes. There are some truly strategic ways to purchase lift tickets. Sites like can help you discover specially discounted rates. Check on weekday pricing which is often less when compared with weekend prices. Plus, you get to beat the crowds. Another good option is half day vouchers. Many ski lifts will give you credit for another half day if you return your ticket before a specific time in the afternoon. Also, consider 2-3 day passes or season passes if you plan on returning frequently.


A great way to save money on any adventure, but especially in a ski town, is to skip the restaurants and bring your own food. Pack filling snacks like:

•Beef jerky

•Peanut butter and jelly

•Trail mix

•Dried fruit/ fruit leather bars

•Protein, energy or granola bars

These will help keep you energized for a full day of shredding down slopes. You can pack a lunch in the car if you need to take a break to refuel. And in the meantime, you can pull these snacks out of your ski pants and jacket pockets to enjoy while riding the lifts.

When booking a hotel room, search for places with a small kitchenette to allow you to cook up a good hot dinner and a nutritious breakfast in the morning. After a long day of skiing you might even prefer staying at the room and resting with a simple meal compared to changing and going out to find a restaurant at night.

3. Hit the Sales

Purchasing your very own equipment doesn’t have to be as expensive as it sounds. Wait for after the holidays or end of the season sales at major brands. Some ski outdoor retailers will offer promotions like coupons which has online specials with significant discounts.

Think about buying demos from rental shops. You will be able to test them out first to make sure that everything is a good fit. Other places to discover great bargains include Craigslist and newspaper ads. You may also want to research local ski clubs which often host swap meets.

4. Get a Mountain Job

If you are a serious skier who lives for the few months of snowfall, you might even consider seasonally relocating. Find a job up in a mountain town. The best places to work for focused skiers are probably at the actual ski resorts. You can work in the lodge, restaurant, ski school, rental shop or maintaining the mountain. On breaks or after work, just strap on your bindings and hop on the lift.

With this guide to savings, you are all set for a smart ski season.

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One Comment on “Smart Ways to Save Money on Ski Equipment

  1. Work for a ski resort! I work for Vail Resorts and I get a free pass, free lessons every month, half off on mountain dining, and discounts around town for gear! Sometimes you get ski breaks when you’re working too depending on the job you have. It’s the best deal! And sometimes you get employee housing if you’re lucky and it’s cheaper than standard renting rates! It’s a blast!! 🙂

    Or if you buy your pass early enough in the year, you get buddy passes or ski with a friend passes that let your friends get day passes for a cheaper rate than normal too.

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