Skiing Success this Winter: How Prep for an Awesome Adventure

Skiing Success this Winter

Winter is almost here and snow is already falling. This means that ski lifts across the country are opening as fresh powder falls to create an excellent base. If you are considering a mountain ski adventure this season, here is a basic list of how to prepare for an awesome time.

Staying Warm on the Slopes

Serious skiers want to maximize their time out on the mountain, so staying warm is a priority. Layers are an effective way to achieve this. Start with a fitted base layer of either wool or a synthetic material. These materials will wick moisture away from the body. This way, your cooling sweat won’t keep you wet and uncomfortable. Wool tends to insulate best. Synthetic has the benefit of being cheaper and less itchy. However, it also tends to cling onto body odor which can be annoying.

As you build layers of insulation and outerwear on top of this, you eventually come to the hands. While your core is the most important area to maintain temperature when it comes to survival in the elements, your fingers can make all the difference in terms of comfort. Icy digits can cause any skier to feel tired, cold and dismayed. But fortunately, there is a simple way to protect your hands. Find gloves and mittens that are a little too big for you. The extra room at the end will allow for the creation of an insulating pocket of warm air to keep your fingers toasty and you happy.

 Getting the Gear

Skiing and snowboarding are two hobbies that involve a lot of accessories and equipment. Purchasing all this gear at once can take a toll on your personal funds. But fortunately, there are plenty of rental shops up and down the main streets of any mountain town. You can rent packages that include your skis or board as well as boots and a helmet. You can even rent ski clothes. However, these are items that can also be easily borrowed from friends until you are able to buy your own.

As you attack the slopes more frequently and realize that you have a real passion for the sport, you can invest in your own equipment, piece by piece. Check out ski guides to learn about different types of skis and experiment with what works best for you. Then you will be able to hone in on the perfect pair to fit your style.

Sustenance through Snacks

A great way to help your body stay warm and fueled with energy to keep carving down the slopes is to pack nutritious snacks inside your jacket pockets and enjoy them throughout the day. suggests several great snack attacks to keep with you on your next ski trip. Some other filling ideas include:

Energy and granola bars

Peanut butter packets

Beef or turkey jerky

Fruit leathers

Trail mix

Sleep or Ski Some More

After a long day of lift rides and slope shredding, you can crash back at the lodge and thaw out before a fire. And after a good nap, it is time to get back up for more. Many mountains offer night skiing as a fun evening activity. A few slopes in the park will be opened with lights for a moonlit ski session. Night skiing ticket rates can be considerably discounted.

But it is important know your own limits as well. If the day has you truly tuckered out, then opt for a good night’s rest so that you are fresh in the morning.

With these tips for a terrific trip, you are ready to head up the mountain and enjoy a fantastic ski season.

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