Seeing the Northern Lights in Norway


The Northern Lights, or the aurora borealis, typically occur between late fall and early spring, usually in the evening, until a little after midnight. However, they’re unpredictable. Since the aurora occurs when large explosions and flare-ups of the sun cause electric particles to fly toward the earth, it’s impossible to guess when they will occur. Additionally, sometimes the lights can come in a slight wisp of color and other times they light up the sky in a rainbow of bright red, orange, green and purple. They’re never the same twice.

Seeing the Northern Lights in Norway

Northern-lights-Svolvaer-Norway To see the Northern Lights, it’s essential to travel far to the north, toward the Arctic Circle. A belt around the northern pole is where the aurora borealis occurs, making it the ideal place to see them. Because of its location in the far north, Norway is one of the best countries to visit to see the lights. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll be present every day. In order to see them, visitors should plan for a 2-week trip. The beautiful country has plenty of other activities that will keep family members busy and excited while waiting for one of nature’s finest spectacles.

Located 217 miles within the Arctic Circle, the city of Tromso in northern Norway is the perfect place to see the Northern Lights. The sun never rises above the horizon. The city is located in the middle of the Northern Lights zone, so it’s a great place to catch a glimpse. Guests can also stay outside of the city, slightly away from the manmade lights, for a better opportunity to experience nature’s beauty.

aurora-tree-shadow_2427859k Taking a cruise in Norway can also be an excellent way to experience the Northern Lights. The cruise ships make several stops and because of the duration of the time spent near the Arctic Circle, it’s often possible to see the beautiful lights. Cruises also offer other site and experiences, including dog sledding and fine dining. The amount of time spent in the North Pole region make it more likely that guests will be able to see the lights, while they simultaneously have the opportunity to experience some of Norway’s other treasures.

Unpredictable at best, the aurora borealis provides a surreal glimpse at some of my nature’s most interesting events. Due to its location, Norway provides one of the best locations to see the spectacle.

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