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When I was in Boy Scouts my troop went up to Jackson Hole to go white water rafting. It was one of my favorite experiences of my childhood. I know these aren’t the biggest rapids but for a 12 year old they seemed pretty awesome and even now I still love them. Typically if you go with a guide (which I recommend unless you know what you are doing) you have two options one with white water and the other is a scenic float.

big Kahuna jackson hole

The first is the “8 mile classic route” down the Snake River. On this route you will get to experience class II-and III rapids. Don’t worry class II and III rapids aren’t going to give you a heart attack but they will get your heart beating. There are a lot of spots where you will experience some awesome waves and some cool drops.  My favorites were the Big Kahuna and Lunch counter. I remember seeing the Big Kahuna coming up and as a 12 year old I was excited and terrified.  I thought I would be the only one to fall out of the raft! Of course I didn’t, none of us did. Just listen to your guide and you will be fine!

grand teton rafting If you are worried about white water or have a lot of little kids you may want to try a scenic route. There are a few different options you can choose if you go this route. Many people choose to do the 8 mile scenic route down the upper Snake River or the 13 mile Grand Teton float. Make sure to bring your camera because you may be lucky enough to see a moose as you float by at a safe distance. Don’t worry if you don’t see a moose because there are tons of other animals to look out for like deer or river otters. Out of the scenic options I personally like the 13 mile Grand Teton float the best because nothing beats looking up at the majestic Grand Tetons.

There are tons of different rafting companies you can go with. Sometimes they will offer deals for large groups or you can even find Groupon. Typically you will pay anywhere from 65-110 a person depending on what you package you go with. If you have the money try doing the combination so you can see the Grand Tetons and have an awesome white water rafting experience.

jackson hole shopping After an awesome day on the water I love spending time in Jackson Hole. The atmosphere is fantastic and let me tell you some of the best food! You can find tons of BBQ places that offer tasty entrees like elk steak or buffalo burgers.  If you are a shopper Jackson Hole has some awesome stores where you can find unique gifts for anyone. Once I am ready to hit the sack I usually will either camp at one of the local campgrounds or stay at one of the many hotels in hotels in Jackson WY, however Rusty Parrot is one of my favorites.


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