Norway: The Little Known Capital of Skiing


Norway is the capital of skiing! I know what everyone is thinking, “What Norway, Skiing?” Yes skiing is rife in Norway and Scandinavia in general. It is their number one sport. They love it, in all its forms. They just don’t like the fancy alpine downhill with its stylish carving. They also adore the slower paced more methodical form of cross country. A form of skiing, that everywhere else is seen as dull and cowardly. Norway loves skiing, but it doesn’t get the credit it deserves.  So here it is; Norway is the capital of skiing.

Hemsedal lodge The claim that Norway is the capital of skiing will probably have people jumping to advocate; why their favourite resorts should be the capital. But just wait until I’ve listed the five reasons why. Then feel free to disagree, by all means.


5 reasons why Norway is the Capital of Skiing

  1. Norway invented skiing- Okay, so this hasn’t been categorically proven, but it is the most likely country. We know, for certain, that skiing originated in Scandinavia and Norway has the strongest claim of all countries. Even if Norway didn’t invent skiing, it has contributed more to its development than any other. The Telemark turn is thought to be the birth of modern skiing, and it was invented in Norway. So it makes sense it should be the capital. The birthplace and where it was honed is an overwhelming argument. Isn’t it?
  2. It is purely about the skiing- Wouldn’t it be terrible if an overdeveloped resort was the capital of skiing? Norway, for all its faults is purely about skiing. With not too many other distractions.  The same can’t be said about every other resort where the sideshow takes centre stage. You came to ski and that is what you should do most.
  3. The long season- The capital of skiing should be snow sure. Norway is certainly that. With a season that generally goes from the end November, until April. That is the best part of 5 months, where there is powder a plenty. Imagine a resort claiming to be the capital but there was only a short window where you could ski it.
  4. Empty Slopes- Capital cities don’t necessarily have to be the most populated. Scotland’s biggest city is Glasgow but Edinburgh is its capital. Norway isn’t the most popular resort but that is one of its major benefits. No lift queues and a whole heap of pow pow at your disposal. The capital of skiing should be a place where you can cherish your line; you can’t cherish your line, if there are too many people that you can’t see it.
  5. Norwegian’s live skiing- There isn’t a country where skiing is as closely linked to their cultural identity, than Norway. Utter a bad word about skiing and you will soon see their ice cool demeanour disappear. For them skiing isn’t just something you do once a year, it is a way of life. For some, it is their best means of transport.


So there are some of the reasons why I think that Norway is the capital of skiing. I came to this conclusion on my ski holiday to Norway with Crystal ski.  Any nation that cherishes all things ski and ski related deserves to be put on a pedestal. For our Nordic cousins, it isn’t just a way to make money but a part of their history and future.

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