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If you are like me you love visiting new places but sometimes the thought of long planes makes you want to die, okay probably not really die, but makes you cringe a bit. These past few months I have been to Miami and Phoenix, both of which weren’t too long but next month I will be heading to Peru. 4 flights and 24 hours later I will get from Salt Lake City to Juliaca, Peru.

767 interior Luckily I am not a big guy so I won’t be squished, I just get really bored and uncomfortable sitting in same tiny seat for 9 hours straight. I know that the planes offer thousands of hours of entertainment but I feel like out of those thousands of hours only about 2 of them are good. Then what? I try to sleep but that usually doesn’t work so then I resort to whatever I can to keep myself entertained when I am flying alone.

sitting on a plane One of the most popular ways to pass time is of course to talk to the person next to you. Some people love it. For me it depends. Do I feel like talking to someone else? I wonder if they will feel like talking to me? Depending on my mood usually I will start off with something mind blowing like “hey” or if I am feeling absolutely crazy “So are you flying somewhere today?” Okay I have only done that once but it got a good laugh. So what if it might have been a pity laugh.  But sometimes you don’t want to talk to the person next to you; you know they just rub you the wrong way. Maybe it was their elbow in your face, or they smell bad. Yes I have had those happen to me on multiple occasions. I felt trapped. I just prayed I would fall asleep as soon as possible which usually didn’t work. I also have had some of the most wonderful conversations with strangers on the plane where we exchanged business cards and decided to have lunch together. So I say always put a feeler out at the beginning of the flight and see how it goes.

I always have this internal debate anytime I pick my seats for a long flight. Do I choose the window so I can rest my head against something and always feel bad when I get up to go to the bathroom or just to get out of my seat? Or do I pick the aisle seat and be able to move whenever I want but get hit by the cart whenever the flight attendants pass and not be able to lay my head on anything? Sometimes I want to ask the person next to me if I can lay my head on their shoulder I feel that might be creepy so I don’t.


So after I have exhausted the option of talking to the person next to me and watch the airlines programming I then look in my carry on for other options. I can always pull out a book, listen to music, or watch a movie on my Ipad. Sadly each activity lasts oh about 20 minutes before I get anxious and look for something else to do. Then I read the in-flight magazine and go through SkyMall. Seriously does anyone ever buy anything from SkyMall? I mean I guess SkyMall is the only place you can find weird items that I don’t know who uses. I mean does anyone seriously want a Soggy Doggy Super Shammy? (P.S. that is a real thing, if you don’t believe me here is the link)

sudoku Now here is where you can tell I get desperate after going through all my possible activities I turn to the crossword and Sudoku puzzles. What use my brain on a flight? Why? I didn’t pay a thousand dollars to use my brain. I paid someone else to do all the thinking like not crashing us into a mountain. But desperate times call for desperate measures.  So I try and kick my brain into high gear.  Then I get stumped on something stupid like “what is the name of the Disney princess in Snow White?”  Umm.  Cinderella? Nope. Belle? Nope. Clearly I wasn’t meant to do hard work on my plane ride.

So I quickly throw in the towel and say well at least we are almost there. So I pull up the route map on my little tv screen. Check out where we are. Oh good we haven’t even been going 3 hours and we aren’t even close to half way. So I start my routine over again and after about 3 times of this pattern I finally get to my destination. A bit groggy and a bit grouchy but hey once I get off that plane I am happy because now my adventure can finally begin.

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3 Comments on “Long Plane Rides

  1. What a great article. My cousin did a amazing job. A must read for everyone.

  2. I personally turn on my iPod and daydream for most of the flight. I have a great capacity for daydreaming!

  3. I doze off as soon as the plane takes off! Best way to beat the time!

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