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Many people reading this may not know too much about the island of Guernsey, or that it even exists, but don’t fret for I am here to lay bare to this hidden treasure. So what are the basics that you need to know? Guernsey is located in the English Channel, 30 miles west of the Normandy coast of France, making it only a 50-minute flight from London Gatwick, or a 2-hour ferry from the French port of St Malo. Due to its status as a British Crown dependency, the island also uses the pound sterling currency.

Given its accessibility as a vacation destination, what then makes visiting Guernsey so special? It depends who you ask for Guernsey has so much to offer. Some will say the relaxed pace of island life, some will mention the 27 beautiful beaches the island has to offer, while others reference luxury cuisine and hotels. In my opinion though, there is no one thing that sets Guernsey aside, but rather a conglomeration of all of these points and more.

Let’s start off with exploring the beautiful outdoors of Guernsey. As previously mentioned Guernsey boasts 27 different beaches for you to choose from, ranging from rocky pebble coves to far stretching sandy bays. What better way to spend your holiday relaxing on the beach, catching some rays, and cooling off in the sky blue sea? Or if you are of the active variety simply jump on a surfboard, go on a guided kayak exploration, or sign up for a coasteering session.

Or if you aren’t of the beach persuasion, how about a breathtakingly stunning walk along the 28 miles of Guernsey’s cliff paths? Or why not cycle around the island and through the twisting countryside lanes, stopping off for lunch and dinner at restaurants of your choosing.

But what if you’d rather spend your time taking in some sophisticated culture? Guernsey still caters for your wants and needs with 16 museums, 11 beautiful specialist gardens, 3 golf courses, multiple health spas, and an obscene wealth of fine restaurants. On top of this all, there is of course tax free shopping across the whole island. How could you say no to this?

Then the icing on the cake is the completely relaxed pace of living. Nothing demonstrates this better than heading out on a Sunday afternoon. You’ll find the roads nearly empty, a tranquillity in the air, and only like-minded welcoming locals out as well. Make the most of this atmosphere to saunter down to a restaurant, café or beach kiosk and take in some refreshing afternoon tea. If you’re in Guernsey you’ll have to try some freshly baked Guernsey gache, a local fruit loaf type pastry.

Personally I believe it is the combination of all of these aspects that makes life and holidays to Guernsey so worth your time and money.

Author Bio: Jamie Hunts loves living in Guernsey and loves even more the idea of spreading the message about his wonderful island home.

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