Inca Trail Day 3


After a grueling second day, when you go with Llama Path as your tour guides, the third day is relatively easy and short. I think it was about 5 miles and took just a few hours. The 3rd day was my favorite day by far. We started high up in the Andes and wondered through the cloud forest. This post will mostly be pictures from the Inca Trail.
Inca Trail day 3 Michael Sproul Inca Trail Michael Sproul Inca Trail
After about an hour and a half you reach a beautiful set of ruins. Inca Trail day 3 Inca Trail day 3 Michael Sproul with Llama in Peru
Then started the steps. Although it was only a few hours I felt like I climbed down thousands of stairs.  Inca Trail Day 3 Stairs Inca Trail Stairs
Finally we arrived at our last set of ruins for the hike right above our last campsite.

Inca Trail Day 3
Michael Sproul Inca Ruins

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