Hike the “Y”


The Y has been a tradition for alumni, students, and families in Utah County. The trail itself isn’t very hard or long but it is full of switch backs to get you up the mountain. There are around 10 turns and at each turn it tells you how far until the next turn. Because it is steep there is plenty of places to stop and rest. As you ascend the mountain the view of Utah Valley get better and better. I think the Y is perfect for training for harder uphill climbs, in fact I hiked up the Y three times a week getting ready for Half Dome.

Michael Sproul hiking the Y


This may be the hardest part of the hike is finding it. I decided to paste a map so you could see it visually. From 900 East you will want to turn east on 820 N and follow it up until you get to Oak Cliff Drive and turn east towards the mountain. At the bottom of the trail head there are bathrooms and lots of parking, however in the evening those fill up so you may have to park down street.

Hike the Y Car Directions

Quick Stats:

Time: 1 hour

R/T Miles: Around 2 miles

Elevation Gain:1100 feet

Difficulty: Easy

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