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If you are anything like me, you love to travel and have new experiences learning about other places. However, I like to research all the great things I can do in a place before I visit so I maximize my time there. One place I have visited in the past that I absolutely loved was Boston. I visited there when I was living in the East Coast. This is a great town, with great heritage.

That being said, there are a few great things to do in Boston.

Harvard_college First, you must visit Harvard. The campus is simply stunning. The architecture is beautiful. The campus recently celebrated its 375th anniversary and you can tell the age and prestige of this great university from the beautiful buildings. I don’t know about you, but all growing up I dreamed of attending Harvard for college. Once the time for college came around, I realized it was a little harder to actually get accepted than I’d like to think. Walking around campus is enlightening and definitely something you should take time to do.

fenway-park Second, if you are into sports be sure to check out a Boston Red Socks game. Being a Yankee fan myself, I didn’t take an opportunity to do this, however this is a great experience. That being said, I love going to major league baseball games. There is just such a fun atmosphere at the games. You have thousands of people cheering the teams on and there’s just magic in the air. If you are going to go to a game, don’t forget your customary hotdog at the ball field or peanuts!

haymarket boston Third, you’ll want to check out the great shopping and dining that is in Boston. Boston Back Bay Restaurants are the thing to do. They provide brunch, lunch or dinner and have some amazing Mediterranean inspired dishes. Main Street District is definitely worthwhile to check out. They have approximately 2,000 businesses to choose from so you are bound to find something good that’ll interest you. Night life and dining are great in Boston! If you are like me and like more casual markets be sure to check out Faneuil Hall Marketplace. They have 40 pushcart eateries which if you ask me are so fun and usually so delicious! They also have 17 restaurants so you can find the best of both worlds. Along the same lines the Haymarket is something you don’t want to miss while touring Boston. This happens every Friday and Saturday year round! You can find some great fruits and vegetables that are super fresh and very delicious.

boston public gardnes Fourth, if you enjoy the outdoors Boston has some great parks you won’t want to miss. The Public Garden which was established in 1837 is simply a sight to see. Even more impressive is the fact that it was the first public botanical garden in the US. Get out of the city and see some real beauty. If you are a person who is into birds and enjoys bird watching, you can find a wide variety of species within the city to observe. Something fun for the summertime is the Boston Common Spray Pool and Carousel. Both of these are fun activities for families and friends to do together.

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