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montego bay jamaica Jamaica is full of Uuique culture, beautiful scenery and tropical seaside making it the perfect vacation for anyone. Jamaica’s weather is almost perfect year around with mild temperatures especially when you can spend all your time at the beach.

Jamaica has a very interesting history, which includes an era of Spanish rule, the British invasion and the fight for freedom. The blend of historical events resulted in many wonderful things to see in Jamaica. You can visit  century old relics, architecture, and an array of historic attractions. People visiting Jamaica can discover countless landmarks in the general vicinities of Ocho Rios, Kingston, and Montego Bay . Coming on a cruise ship or by plane is the easiest way to visit Jamaica for vacation. Once you get to the island you can hire mopeds, cars, taxis, bikes for rental or opt of ferries, boats, or take a local bus.

No Jamaica vacation is not complete without a walk through the white sand and a dip in crystal clear waters. There are so many beaches to visit in Jamaica and all offer their own special touch. Many of the beaches cost a few dollars to get into and many include bathrooms and showers.

regee musicMake sure to sit back and enjoy reggae music playing at almost any restaurant while enjoying Jamaica Jerk Chicken or pork, just know it is a lot more spicy than here in the states.

Jamaica offers spectacular scuba diving off the shore to mountaineering in the Blue Mountains. You could even try snorkeling or spelunking in the dark caves of Cockpit Country. If adventurous sports aren’t for you maybe try hitting one of Jamaica’s great golf courses.

The tranquil waters enveloping Jamaica are famous for their exceptional sailing and fishing opportunities. So those who enjoy sailing and fishing got excellent opportunity for amusement in the Jamaica vacation.

For those who love nightlife Jamaica will not disappoint! There are plenty of great clubs in any of the major cities like Ocho Rios or Montego Bay.

Whatever you like to do you will be able to find it in Jamaica. And remember their motto “No worries man!”

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