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One of the most common questions after booking a trip to New York City is how to get around the city. Most people go for taking mass transit. The New York City Subway system is great for getting where you need to go pretty quickly but how do you get into Manhattan? Here are some of the options.

Take a Taxi or Private Car

new york city taxis Taking a taxi from JFK costs around $52 dollars plus tolls and tip. The line to catch a cab can seem long but usually moves fairly quickly. It takes anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour to get to Times Square in Manhattan. A private car usually costs a few more dollars than a taxi but is generally more comfortable than a normal taxi. This is a great option if you have lots of luggage and don’t want to take it on the subway.


new york city subway Taking the subway is a very cheap option for anyone trying to get from JFK to Manhattan. You will need to take the JFK Airtrain to either Howard Beach and take the A into Manhattan or take the JFK Airtrain to Jamaica Center and catch the J,Z, or E subway. The cost of the JFK Airtrain is $5 dollars each way plus then $2.25 for the metro. If you are planning at purchasing a day or week long metro pass you can do so at the subway entrances in the Airtrain station. The trip will take you a bit over an hour. Remember there aren’t places to put your luggage so if you have more than once piece of luggage you might not want to take the subway especially since they often are very crowded.

Long Island Railroad

long-island-rail-road The Long Island Railroad is a great way to get into Manhattan. Take the JFK Airtrain to Jamaica Center and hop on the LIRR. The cost of this trip depends on the time of the day but you will have to pay the $5 for the JFK Airtrain and then $8.75 for a peak time LIRR fare. The trip to Penn Station via the LIRR express train is 35 minutes from JFK. The LIRR has a bit more room for luggage but again I would caution if you have lots of luggage in taking any form of public transportation.

Shuttle Service

shuttle bus new york city If you have luggage but don’t want to spend money on a taxi you can try taking a private bus or shuttle. There are a lot of companies that offer service from JFK to locations throughout Manhattan ranging in price from $15-$20 depending on the destination.  Some of the popular options are Super Shuttle, Go Airlink NYC, or New York Airport Service Express Bus. Shuttle services are great but remember it can take a while to get to your destination depending on where others are going on your bus.

If you can afford it take a taxi if you have luggage otherwise try taking the Long Island Railroad or the Subway to get into Manhattan.

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  1. You can buy metro cards that fit your length of stay. 1 day unlimited pass, weekly passes, or even monthly. As a new yorker I always prefer to take the train or bus, especially if you are going into Manhattan. The cost of cabs, or paying for parking, or even finding a parking spot is time consuming and expensive. Not to mention that with traffic, taking the train might get you where you need to go faster.

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