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Disney World: One of the happiest places on Earth (the other Disney parks being the other happiest places of course). A place where you can lose yourself in a world made up of 6 different parks (two of them being water parks) overflowing with just about everything that consisted of your childhood, and if you’re a parent, just about everything that will make your kids never want to go home again. But with 6 parks covering an enormous area, it’s a lot of ground to cover (literally) and unless you have a month’s worth of vacation time and a lot of cash to spend on hotels, trying to fit all of it into one trip is almost impossible. So, without further ado and with less parentheses than this paragraph had (which, counting this explanatory paragraph section was more than is normally necessary) here are two tips that will help you focus your efforts and make the best of your time at Disney World.

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Have a detailed game plan ahead of time. This one might seem like a no-brainer to those of you who had a father like I did growing up, but for those of you whose parents didn’t painstakingly research destinations and write up an extremely strict and formal schedule that had to be followed to the letter, this tip will save you. Look up the parks beforehand, look at the maps, what there is to do, etc. and discuss with everyone going on the trip what they’d like to see and experience. Map out at least a tentative schedule (being flexible is a great thing and will probably lessen the amount of arguments that will take place when the rigid plans you’ve made inevitably fall apart) of what you’re going to do each day and what you’re willing to forgo if you run out of time. That way, instead of standing around in the park looking at maps and trying to decide what to do, you can use that time to actually enjoy the trip.

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Don’t be afraid to split up. If you’re a couple going to Disney World on your honeymoon (or someone going by yourself?), I wouldn’t recommend using this strategy, but this should apply to everyone else. Sometimes people want to do things that other people don’t want to do. It really is okay to go your separate ways if some of you want to do things the others in your group don’t. Being on a family vacation is about spending time with family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break away from the continual cycle of the ride everyone refers to as “it’s a small world” for a couple of hours to go on a ride that’s a little less kid friendly and more exciting. Splitting up occasionally really does save time, and it helps keep everyone happy as long as everyone is able to go where they’d like. However, I would definitely recommend having cell phones (or walkie talkies- my family used those once and it was fantastic) in case plans to meet up later go awry or have to be delayed (because remember, we’re being flexible).

Obviously these are very general tips- and I used more parentheses than I was intending to- but they’ll help, I promise. Another cool tip a lot of people might not know about is that Blue Travel is a great resource to use to locate resorts to stay near Disney World in Orlando where you can rent townhouses and homes for a daily rate, which is really great if you’re going with a large group. So, take all of this information and run with it- all the way to that world of Disney.

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