Camel Trekking in Morocco


There are so many wonderful things to do in Morocco but one of the most popular is taking a camel trek in Merzouga, Morocco. This is a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget. Our friends at Morocco Camel Trekking Merzouga have some great options for anyone ranging from an overnight trip to a multi-day trek.

Each trek offers traditional Moroccan music and drumming, excellent food, and the opportunity to sleep in the desert under one of the darkest night skies in the world.

One of the most popular camel treks is the Overnight Merzouga Camel Trek.


This overnight trek starts in the evening where you ride a camel for an hour and thirty minutes into the middle of the Sahara Desert where the party begins. Listening to local musicians play traditional music and drums long into the night with a traditional feast make this trek a must. After spending the night in nomadic tents you will head up to the high dunes for a magnificent sunrise. For only 35 Euros it can’t be beat.

camel-trekking 2 If you have more than just a night you should try the two day camel trek.

The experience starts similar to the one night excursion but the second day you will continue further into the Sahara Desert and visit with local nomads and go sand boarding and visit an oasis. This trek costs 80 Euros.

If a camel trek doesn’t seem to be your cup of tea there are plenty of great other tours you can do while visiting Morocco. You can check them out here. Whatever you do you wont regret visiting Morocco.


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