The Most Beautiful Vacation Cabins in the British Isles


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There are so many fantastically beautiful and tremendously interesting places in the world I decided to tackle the world’s most amazing places piecemeal. This instalment covers the British Isles: England, Scotland and the land of my forerunners- Ireland. I apologize for the non-fisherman among you because this list is definitely slightly slanted toward destinations that’ll leave anglers drooling. Don’t despair though- any one of the following has more than enough charm for anyone, even if they’ve never picked up a fishing rod in their life.

Vacation Home-Away-From-Home: The Lodge on Edenhall Estate

Location: Cumbria, England

The Lodge Cumbria While The Lodge on the Eamont River in Britain may look a little modest, it’s included because it seems representative of the “Log Cabin Lifestyle”. You wake up with a mist hanging over the verdant woodlands edging a river teeming with salmon and trout. Maybe you grab a cup of coffee or a quick breakfast and you hit the river with your fly or lure and creel. It’s my kind of day.

Vacation Home-Away-From-Home: Ballynahinch Castle

Location: Connemora, Ireland

Ballynahinch Castle

Maybe it’s my aforementioned Irish ancestry that’s attracted me to a couple of Ireland’s little green heavens. Then again, it might just be the fishing- Connemara has some of the best in the world and the Ballynahinch Estate has exclusive rights to several kilometres of blue ribbon stream cutting past their back door. Plus, their salmon and sea trout grow notoriously BIG. For those not so keen on soaking a line, Ballynahinch Castle has all the modern amenities  but manages to maintain the old world charm of the Emerald Isle.

Vacation Home-Away-From-Home: Delphi Lodge

Location: Connemara, Ireland

Delphi Lodge The rugged but accessible Delphi Lodge is a double paradise- a paradise for fisherpeople and a paradise for everybody else by its own right for beauty alone. Actually, for the rod and reel set it’s more of a quintuple paradise because it offers easy access to five killer waterways. Those include four lakes: Fin Lough (pictured, right by the lodge), Doo Lough (an awesome, deep glacial lake- great for a challenging hike), Glencullin and Tawnyard Lough. There is also a river- the Bundorragha. The beautiful Bundorragha is an incredible renowned fishery throughout Ireland, one of its best streams, and guests of the Delphi Lodge get priority.

Vacation Home-Away-From-Home: The Wheelhouse

Location: Linlithgow, Scotland 25 miles from Edinburgh

The Wheelhouse I suppose I could probably just say “See Above” to capture the appeal of The Wheelhouse– a former watermill. This beautiful converted cottage is a fitting epilogue to our virtual tour of the British Isles. The Wheelhouse also enjoys this article’s sole distinction of featuring two photos- I just couldn’t choose one over the other. Those staying at The Wheelhouse can soak in the outdoor hot tub or enjoy the view from either of the two verandas should they eschew the trout fishing in the backyard.

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