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passport Ever wonder what you need to do to apply for a passport? It is fairly easy and takes about 4-6 weeks to receive (unless you expedite it which costs more and takes about 2-3 weeks). You will need a passport for foreign travel unless you are going on a cruise (then you can technically use your birth certificate). Remember to check if the country you are visiting also requires a visa, which is a separate process and fee.

You must apply in person if it is your first passport or if you are under 16.

1. Fill out DS-11: Application for a U.S. Passport you can either do it online or complete it by hand.

2. Submit the DS-11 form in person at an acceptance facility or passport agency.

3. Submit Evidence of U.S. Citizenship

  • Certified birth certificate
  • Naturalization certificate
  • Certificate of Citizenship

4. Present identification

  • Naturalization certificate
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Government ID
  • Military ID

5. Photocopies of your Identification Documents

  • Must be on plain white 8 1/2 X 11″ showing the front and back of your ID
  • You can only print on one side of the page. (If you can’t do that you will need to print  on two separate pages)
  • You can enlarge the images but not shrink them

6. Pay the fees (Currently it is $140 for the application and an additional $25 for the execution fee)

7. Provide one passport photo

Get this done at Walgreens or another place that will print passport photos.

That’s all you have to do and soon you will have your first passport! Happy travels.

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  1. Also, the application asks when your travel date is so they can prioritize processing.

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