Aboriginal Tours: A Unique Way of Touring in Australia


There were times in Australia before the British Colonization, when the Australian land belonged undisputedly to the indigenous Australians.  You still find Aboriginal Australians living there, who make up for almost 3% of Australian population. They have still kept the aboriginal cultural alive and are propagating their culture at a global level.

Aboriginal Australia The Aboriginal cultures have a deep rooted connection with the history of Australia and are an integral part of the contemporary society. They are rooted with their history, traditions and culture. Their cultural practices and beliefs can be seen through the aboriginal tours. These tours exhibit Australia from different perspective. In these tours you’ll get to see the ancient tribal people who show you how hunting was done in old times with the use of boomerangs. They even show the tribal dance, the way they cooked their food and how they lived in huts. Some of the tours are way beyond the generic and the stereotyped categories. They are much more educative and explain the Australian Aboriginal culture with intricate details, interpretive walks and explanations.

These tours are best for people who like to know about the history and want to experience the aboriginal culture first-hand. There are limited numbers of Aboriginal Travel Operations in Australia, few of which are into mainstream tourism and few are the dedicated to the niche market. Following is a list of some such operations running in Australia which may help you find them easily.

      1. Ayers-Rock Australia Northern Territory: In Northern Territory you will find various packages for cultural tours that will take you to the Ayers Rock, Kaja Tajuta, and Sounds of Silence Dinner along with an indigenous guide. There are some other tours also like the Mt. Borradaile Tour which will take you to the Arnhem Land which is owned by the aboriginals and has some really old art paintings.
      2. Queensland: Here you can experience the Kuku-Yalanji Dreamtime Tour that includes the Mossman Gorge interpretive walks, stories of kuku yalanji traditions and culture. There is also a tour called Aboriginal Day Tour which has a pick point at Cooktown. In this tour you can visit the Great Emu caves and learn about the techniques of survival traditions and aboriginal culture of Nugal Warra People. This will be followed by the Rainbow Serpent Tours where you can visit the birth caves and the reconciliation caves and listen to the stories behind the cave paintings and its significance.
      3. New South Wales: In New South Wales you can give a try to the Aboriginal cultural cruise at the Sydney harbour where you can learn about the ancestors who lived around Sydney harbor and how they came in contact with the Europeans. You may try the Blue Mountain walkabouts as well, which will give you an experience of trekking and interpretation of engravings on sandstone caves along with site seeing.
      4. Brambuk Cultral Center Victoria: Victoria has Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre that will give you a comprehensive learning about Aboriginals through Gariwerd Dreaming Theatre and Cultural talks and videos. Nature walks and boomerangs are the part of the tour. You will also experience Bunjil’s tour to the art sites depicting the artist sprit of ancestors.


Author Bio: Ella Borrie is a travel blogger and trip organizer by profession. She has great experience in indigenous tours in Perth and Western Australia. She advocated the importance of  Australia business listing to give more expoure to travel business in Australia. Sharing her travel experience through blogging is her real hobby.

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One Comment on “Aboriginal Tours: A Unique Way of Touring in Australia

  1. Great Blog, thank you. In North Queensland there is the Bama Way Aboriginal Journeys which is an innovative partnership between mainstream tour operator Adventure North and three Indigenous owned and operated tours from Cairns through to Cooktown.

    We offer 1, 2 and 3 day tours which include Kuku Yalanji Cultural Habitat Tours which is a traditional hunting and gathering experience, The Walker family tours at the remote community of Wujal Wujal and Guurrbi Tours from Cooktown offering amazing Rock Art tours with Willie Gordon. Each of the Aboriginal tours can also be self driven to for those who want to be independent.

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