5 Essentials for a Business Visit Throughout Europe


If it’s all Business Class lounges and gold memberships then you will no doubt be familiar with extensive business travelling. However it is not all about champagne and canapés as for some it can be a bit of an unwanted chore. Nonetheless it is an essential part of doing business especially if you have clients across different territories in Europe. From Paris to Prague you will need to take into consideration a number of different factors when packing your bags. But what are some of the basics items you require when travelling?

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When it comes to travelling generally and especially if you are on business, technology always comes to the fore. In this way when travelling on business, you will come to depend on a number of different gadgets and gizmos in order to connect with clients. This includes the likes of;

  • A mobile phone.
  • A laptop.

Additional electric items

There is nothing worse than turning up to the office in a foreign country unkempt with a creased shirt and looking unprofessional. Don’t worry it has probably happened to plenty of people already. But if you don’t want to end up with egg or anything else on your face, it is imperative that you pack European adaptors. This will ensure they fit your relevant charging products. In addition to this, you should double check that you have packed;

  • A travel iron
  • A travel kettle in case your room does not provide tea and coffee making facilities.
  • Electric razor.

Dedicated work access

Office lounges are becoming more and more popular as business travellers seek alternative options to work. The concept is simple where serviced office buildings as well as major companies hire out exclusive and comfortable lounges for you to work in. This has all the mod cons you would expect from IT services to virtual receptions. This means you can conduct work across the whole of Europe in a simple and effective manner. Alternatively you can find plenty of office space for rent where you can take advantage of cost effective workspace solutions.


It is also important to pack light as you will no doubt be visiting a number of different countries across Europe. This will ensure you are not lugged down with those large suitcases en route. Meanwhile, you should be travelling with suits made of lighter material such as cotton or linen, especially if the weather is predicted to be warm during your business trip. The main tips to follow are;

  • Pack those essential undergarments.
  • Put in different types of shirts to vary up your look.
  • Bring casual shoes if you have any time to discover the grandeur of the European city you are in.

Handy accessories

If you are not fluent in a second language, then you may find it difficult to converse accordingly in the target language. This means you may have trouble as far as communication is concerned. It could happen when you need to book a taxi to go to the airport or heading to an important meeting. It may be helpful to talk directly in the mother tongue of the country you are based in. Therefore, you should look to pack in your case items including;

  • A language guidebook.
  • Currency calculator to work out exchange rates.
  • A travel guide to look at the best place to visit during your trip.

Planning ahead not to mention being organised will go a long way towards ensuring your trip is stress free. If you think sensibly and pack in the same way, you will have everything you need to make sure your business trip goes smoothly.

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Danielle Stelle is a representative from Regus, a global corporation with shares listed on the London Stock Exchange known for their office space for rent listings and virtual services.

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