4 of the Most Unusual Cruise Destinations in Ireland


When someone mentions cruises most of us instantly think of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. These are probably two of the most popular destinations but there are also some very enjoyable cruises that are much closer to home.

These luxury cruises on our doorsteps take in some of the most beautiful coastal areas around Scotland and Ireland, as well as stopping off to visit some of the many places of interest further inland.

You may be pleasantly surprised by the incredibly scenery as well as the many quaint towns to be visited on one of these outstanding near to home tours. Of course, every cruise is still a luxury trip, so the level of service and accommodation is equal to that of some of the more exotic destinations.

Ireland is a particular favorite with many people for its incredible coastline as well as the many natural and historic points of interest. Below we will look at a few of the most unusual places to visit on the emerald isle, which are becoming increasingly popular with close to home cruisers.

Giant’s Causeway

Giants-Causeway Ireland Giant’s causeway is situated on the north east coast of County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Here you can see over 40,000 basalt columns some of which rise into the high at a height of up to 39 feet high. These columns are what is left over from volcanic activity thousands of years ago and have been named as the UKs 4th most impressive natural wonder. What really catches most people’s eye is the fact that nearly all of the columns are hexagonal in shape, making the whole area look strangely honey combed. Giant’s Causeway is a must see place for any visitor to Ireland and it is certainly one of the most unusual looking.

The Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness storehouse is located in Dublin in the St James Gate brewery. This is a big attraction for all tourists that visit Ireland and as one of the main points is an atrium shaped like a giant pint glass, kind of unusual. Apart from admiring the giant pint glass you can also see all aspects of how the world famous drink is made, from the hops and barley storage to the bottling and packing. Of course there is also a bar where you can enjoy a pint of the black stuff in the very building that it is made. Some would say that a trip to Ireland is not complete without a tour of the Guinness brewery and most would probably agree.


blarney house Blarney is situated in southern Ireland in County Cork. It is famous for its castle, which holds the fabled Blarney stone. This stone is visited by thousands of tourists every year many of whom kiss the stone in order to receive the ‘gift of the gab’ or a silver tongue, meaning that they will become more articulate and skilful in the art of flattery and persuasion. It hasn’t been proven of course but all the same another little gem from the emerald isle. There are also some great hotels and guesthouses as well as of course, some great bars.

Spanish Point

Spanish Point in County Clare is another great destination with an unusual past. Here in 1588 a number of Spanish vessels from the Spanish Armada sank with many of the remaining sailors swimming to shore. From that point on many people believe that Irish people with dark hair and dark skin are descendants of those few Spanish sailors that swam to safety. As well as the interesting story there are some really great-untouched beaches there for surfing.

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